First before anything else i want to personally thank you for visiting the site.

Upon starting this life a few factors had to fall in place. My love for Hip Hop, My love for videos , and the passion and support of my loving wife.

Hip Hop was first introduced to me at age 8. My older brother gave me his old Ipod and on it were many old school hip hop albums and records. My favorite, (and what I believe truly sparked everything hip hop related in my life) was “Things fall apart” Album by “The Roots”.

*Honorable Mentions: Black Star, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Wu-Tang, Rakim, Nas, Tribe Called Quest & Black thought.

Videos were always a part of my life ever since my first camera at 13 years old. It wasn’t until I filmed my family’s vacation in the Philippines that I determined to really branch out and focus on my craft. I truly believe photos and videos are one of the biggest elements to modern life. We as human beings crave nostalgia and associate it with some of the greatest moments of our lives. In the business sense, media promotion and marketing are leading the way for today’s companies ranging from the smallest local business owners, to the largest global conglomerates in todays market.

My wife Stephanie runs a fashion blog full time called “She Saw Style”At the time that i’m writing this, she (across all media platforms), has a social media outreach of over 500,00 people. She’s intuitive, determined, and a natural social media savant. With her on my side, I know I always have the best media coach in my corner. If I can make a dope video, She can help me get it noticed.